Keeping kid's head up
in the car while




No matter what the car seat or booster, when children fall asleep sitting up, their heads invariably fall down. And no matter what mode of transportation older children and adults happen to fall asleep on, their heads flop as well.

Unlike the homegrown remedies currently on the market, we at NapUp have taken a high-tech approach to keeping heads up and comfortable, while napping on the move with unparalleled design, standards, passion and focus. Our patented head restraint, which makes gentle contact with the forehead only if the head begins to fall, is best characterized by innovation – like “No Sweat” panels for maximum air circulation – and complete compliance with safety standards.

 With our caring and attention to detail we have made products to answer everyone’s travel napping needs. No matter what your age, when you are tired and on the go, it’s always fun to NapUp.





  • "I love this product! I put it on my 3 year old‘s car seat and it fit perfectly.

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    Amazon Customer
  • "I got this as a present for my little cousin because she always looked so uncomfortable when she fell asleep in her car seat!

    Nancy mother of 2
  • "NapUp is one of those great ideas that I don‘t understand how they didn‘t think of it sooner..

    John father of 3