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Press release for the JPMA Show, May 2017

Comfortable and safe revolution in the world of toddlers and children:


A comfortable and safe head support solution for children who fall asleep while on the go

Registered as a global patent!

This is a unique solution for a problem (“the bobbing head syndrome”) faced by parents everywhere: your child falls asleep in the car and his/her head is thrown from side to side, forwards and backwards, over and over again. NapUp is the first real solution to this big problem.  It very simply, yet smartly, supports the child’s head and prevents it from being tossed around during the journey.

NapUp launched in 2015 to rave reviews, with users gushing about how the product has changed their family’s driving experience significantly.


About the Product

NapUp supports the heads of children who fall asleep in moving cars, thus adding to their comfort and keeping them safe by stopping their heads from banging around. NapUp does not bother the child while he is awake, as the head support strip can be kept up without touching the child’s head. It is made of the highest quality material, and features special air flow panels so the children won’t sweat.

The product is suitable for children from the time they are in a front facing car seat. It grows with them, as the soft forehead strap is adjustable, and allows free movement of the head during sleep. It is not restraining, and does not keep the head fixed against the car seat, and

is very comfortable. It is particularly simple to assemble, and connects easily to car seats and high back boosters.

The product itself has undergone crash tests (simulating a road accident situation) at Calspan USA Laboratory and complies with the safety standards required for the American and

European markets. We have been very strict in choosing extremely high quality materials so that the product is as safe, and as comfortable, as can be.

NapUp frees parents from having to worry about their sleeping child’s head while they are driving, and avoids the need to look back while driving or stopping, reaching out to lift the child’s head and distracting the drivers; NapUp lets parents focus completely on driving.

The product was invented by Ben Cohen Gazit, a father of three himself, who is also the owner of the company. Formerly CEO of several advertising firms, Cohen Gazit is very familiar with the world of children’s products and retail.

Ben Cohen Gazit, inventor, entrepreneur and owner of “NapUp”: “I’m excited about the launch of NapUp worldwide. As a parent I’m happy to have the chance to bring into the world a simple, convenient and safe product to solve a big problem that so far has had no real solution. There’s nothing more satisfying than the ability to provide a professional, safe and high quality response to the problems that parents have to cope with in the context of their children’s comfort and safety.”

Product History

In October 2015, NapUp was first introduced to the worldwide market at the ABC Kids Expo, where it was featured as one of the 26 most innovative new products for 2016. NapUp was also invited on the TV show "Modern Living with Kathy Ireland" and the segment is airing multiple times in the US, Europe , Asia and Latin America over the next 12 months.  NapUp’s presence at Kind & Jugend Fair in Cologne, Germany in September 2016, led to being chosen as a nominee for the Innovation Award and selling in retail stores in Europe and Asia.

The JPMA show in May 2017 will serve as NapUp’s launch board to start selling in retail stores in the US and Canada.  For this, NapUp is proud to announce our current joining of forces with Kiddly Marketing & Fulfillment (creators of the very successful Brainy Baby).


NapUp is regularly featured on social media, with bloggers and parents excited about the product and wanting to tell their friends and readers about it.

NapUp Patent Information

The product is in the phase of global PCT and has full registration in the United States and Israel. The product has also been registered and the design approved in several other countries worldwide.

US patent number 9566885 and d771263 and worldwide patent and design pending

Please visit our website – www.mynapup.com.

For further information please contact Sigahl Silvera, Global Communications Director at sigahl@mynapup.com