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How does NapUp work?

What age is NapUp suitable for?

What happens during an accident, when using NapUp?

Is NapUp safe?

How do I attach NapUp to a car seat or high back booster?

Can I use NapUp on an infant seat?

Can I install Nap Up while the car seat or booster is in the car?

Can NapUp be attached to a regular car headrest?

Do I need to re-attach NapUp each time my child falls asleep?

Can I move NapUp from one car seat to another?

Does the forehead strap need to be in the down position all the time?

What do I do if my child's head slips out of the head strap?

What can be done if my child's head seems too small for it?

What colors is NapUp available in?

Does NapUp disturb the child?

What if my child doesn't like using it?

Does the child sweat when using NapUp?

What is NapUp made of and how can it be cleaned?

Is NapUp high priced?

"I have already bought my child a cushion to put around his head, why do I need NapUp?"