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The patented, innovative, comfortable, and easy-to-install solution for children in car seats and high-back boosters. Machine-washable, made of high-quality materials, and compliant with international safety standards. Suitable for children aged 2-7.

Product Benefits

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Flame-retardant filling
  • Soft, breathable, and machine-washable
  • Crash Tested

    NapUp is compliant with the US - FMVSS 213, US - NPRM 213, EU - ECE R44, and AS/NZS - 8005:201 safety standards.

  • Quality Approved

    Our high-quality, safe, and comfortable materials have been carefully selected.

  • Patented

    NapUp is the original patented solution for gently keeping the head upright, comfortably preventing the head from dropping forward while on the go.

The Patented Car Seat Head Support Solution

Sweet dreams in car seats and high-back boosters are now possible with NapUp! Prevent your child's head from bobbing and provide them with maximum comfort with a safe, sweat-free, and machine-washable solution. They'll nap better and longer, all the while allowing you to focus on the road. Try NapUp today!


The product easily attaches to any car seat or high-back booster with adjustable straps. When the child is awake, the head strap is moved to the up position, above the child's head. When the child falls asleep, the head strap is easily moved to the down position, parallel to the child's forehead, making gentle contact with the forehead when the head falls forward, solving the bobbing head problem. The head strap can easily be pushed down with two fingers by the driver at a red light, or by siblings sitting in the back seat. Many children learn to put the NapUp strap in place themselves when they get sleepy.

NapUp is suitable for children sitting in front-facing car seats and high-back booster. NapUp is easily adjustable, which means it grows with your child and can be used for many years. The product includes a forehead strap connected by Velcro, which can be made smaller or bigger according to your child's head size.

Safety is NapUp’s priority. Various crash tests for head, chest and neck safety, as well as for side impact were conducted, under the US – FMVSS 213, NPRM 213, and EU – ECER44. These tests were done at the acclaimed US Calspan lab, where leading car seat companies run safety tests on their products, including car seats, booster seats, and infant carriers. The US Federal Safety Standards tests showed that the addition of the product does not alter the way the car seat or high-back booster performs in a crash. For more information, please see our Safety page.

In the unfortunate situation of an accident, NapUp's forehead strap automatically detaches and allows for the natural movement of the head, meaning the use of NapUp does not restrict the head in any way. Furthermore, it is important to note that NapUp does not alter the way a car seat or high-back booster performs in an accident, as proven by US Federal Safety Standards tests. For more information about safety, please see our Safety page.

Installation Instructions


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