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It All Started One Day In A Car...

when an entrepreneur couldn't stand to see his daughter's head flop forward over and over again, and decided to do something about it. He put together a team of top designers, orthopedists, researchers and, most importantly, parents, and the original NapUp head restraint was born.

Meet the Team


team emmber 1

Ben Cohen Gazit

Founder and CEO

Actively involved father of three

team emmber 2

Sigahl Silvera

Global Communications Director

Busy mom of three gorgeous girls

team emmber 3

Dorit Moses

Head of Operations

A dedicated mom to her beautiful teenaged daughter

team emmber 4

Avital Eran

International Sales & Marketing Director

A loving Dad of 2 boys and a dog

From the first NapUp solution...

history pic desktophistory pic mmobile

...came all the other NapUp products, making sleeping comfortably, no matter what the mode of transportation, a dream reality for people of all ages. NapUp has made arriving at your destination refreshed and ready to roll a reality.

With a truly innovative design and adherence to the most unstinting quality and safety standards, not only does it offer great value it's also easy to use! We, at NapUp, have gone the distance so you can too – safe and sound – awake or asleep.

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